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  1. Mistake (7" Italo-Disco Mix)

  2. Start All Over Again (12" Extended Long Version)

  3. Bad News

  4. Can You Help Me (Make It Through the Night)

  5. The One to Say Goodbye

  6. Snow This Christmas

  7. The Feeling Doesn't Last Forever (Instrumental)

  8. Tranimal (feat. TV Movie)

  9. Night Tracks

  10. Now That It's Over

  11. It's Time We Make Up

  12. You Turn Me On (feat. Daveo Falaveo) [The Remixes]

  13. Don't Give Up on Me

  14. Start All Over Again (7" Italo-Disco Mix)

  15. Hot Love

  16. Let's Get Something Started [EP]
    Candy Apple Blue ft. Alaska Thunderfuck 5000

  17. Existential Crisis (Greatest Hits, Vol. 1)

  18. Heart By Heart (ft. Timeface Project)

  19. Serial Killer (Ode to Dexter)

  20. Like a Story in a Magazine [EP]

  21. A Lonely Love (ft. Timeface Project)

  22. Alone Tonight (ft. Timeface Project)

  23. I'll See You Around

  24. Baby, It's Not Right

  25. Select Game

  26. New Romance

  27. Mistake [EP]

  28. The Beat That Keeps Me Moving

  29. Can't Sleep From The Pain

  30. It Wasn't You

  31. Goodbye (Joe Cole & David Petrilla Remix)

  32. I Don't Know How To Say Goodbye

  33. Touch My Heart [2-track Single]

  34. Rock & Roll Heart Attack

  35. Hello, How Are You? (w/ Junefall) - demo

  36. Prone to Panic!

  37. The Bed Is Cold [EP]

  38. Going Down In La-La Land (feat. Trym Killi)

  39. Night Tracks - Single

  40. Numb
    Candy Apple Blue w/ Dave Greening

  41. You Make Me Happy

  42. David

  43. Caught Up In You

  44. It Happens All The Time

  45. All the Will in the World

  46. Tricks - The Remix EP

  47. Tricks

  48. Goodbye to You (demo)

  49. Graveyard (Matt Pop Mix)

  50. Graveyard (demo)

  51. Frozen Fire

  52. I Can't Wait

  53. Give Me Time (feat. Josianna)

  54. Before You Came (feat. Josianna)

  55. Make Believe (feat. Josianna)

  56. Joy To The World Anyway (demo)

  57. Between Love & Goodbye (Billy 'B' Bures Remix)
    The Inertia Case


Candy Apple Blue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Candy Apple Blue is an American two piece synthpop band consisting of the sibling songwriting & music production team Carly & Hoyt Emerick.

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